The Complete Package from Talos Art Foundry

Talos Art Foundry is based in spacious, modern premises at well-known centre for the arts, Project Workshops, near Andover in Hampshire.

Talos Art Foundry provides a complete sculpture casting service for professional and amateur artists and has a growing list of corporate and private clients. The Foundry casts in traditional LG3 Gunmetal Bronze or modern Silicon Bronze and can accommodate projects from 1 to 1,000 kilos.

Mould Making

The Talos team of mould makers is thoroughly experienced in the preparation and moulding of artists’ patterns – however unusual. For most applications, we use a silicone rubber material to make moulds of each artists’ work as it arrives at the foundry. These moulds enable us to make wax copies of the artists’ original sculpture, which are the key to the ‘lost wax’ casting technique. Sculptures either too fragile or too large to transport can be moulded in the artist’s studio or on site by arrangement.

Occasionally either the material or the location of the original made the use of silicone rubbers impractical, in which case our mould makers have all the skills to make interlocking plaster piece moulds or traditional alginate moulds. Body casting is also a speciality – artist requiring life casts rely on Talos for high definition, professional casting services available either at the foundry or by appointment at their studio.

Bronze Sculpture Repair & Restoration

Our highly trained team can assist in the restoration, renovation or repair of bronze sculptures which have been damaged through time, accident or vandalism. We also offer an on-site restoration and repair services.

Masonry Services

To help artists and commissioning agents assess total project costs for major outdoor pieces, Talos Art Foundry has joined forces with stone mason Robyn Golden-Hann to provide the complete public and monumental sculpture installation service. Robyn works closely with Talos to design and build stone plinths to the artists’ specification, including letter cutting and gilding as required. Artists visiting Talos can monitor progress of their whole project as it is made – and be confident that everything will fit together when it arrives on site!

Wooden Plinths

Talos provides the complete wooden plinth service too, in conjunction with Project Workshops based RAW Designs. RAW Designs make bespoke, sculptural plinths and stands exclusively for the Talos Art Foundry and provide a complete design service or work to the artists specification as required.

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